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How Long Is Recuperation When a Dog Is Spayed?

When your dog comes home from her spay surgery, she needs peace and quiet and limited activity for about two weeks. That& 39;s easier said than done. Young, active dogs aren& 39;t aware they& 39;ve had major abdominal surgery, so it& 39;s likely she& 39;ll want to run and play a couple of days after the operation.
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French bulldog puppies on adventures

Cute dogs French Bulldogs puppies on adventures French Bulldogs are popular dogs - and how cute their puppies are! In this video, the three-week-old Chauncey and Coco puppies experience a (very small) adventure and are almost too cute to be true! While Klein-Chauncey is still asleep, Coco is a bit bored and ready to discover the world.
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