Alangu dog for sale in tamilnadu

Alangu dog for sale in tamilnadu

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Alangu dog for sale in tamilnadu/

We are a well established home based breeder of pure breed alangans. We have bred, rsed and currently showing many excellent alangans in tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh. We have been breeding alangans since 1982. We are registered under the Bombay kennel club and national dog club.

Description :

Color :

White with black markings, blue eyes, small ears.

Height :

18 inches, 23 inches

Weight :

50 pounds

Grooming :

Dly brushing with a natural brush is required, bathe as necessary.

Health :

Healthy and up to date on vaccinations and microchip.

Exercise :

Alangu should have a dly walk/run for at least half an hour.

Trning :

All puppies are rsed and socialized with other alangans.

History :

Alangu is a purebred dog that was originally bred by the Tamils as a guard dog to protect their cattle. These dogs are very smart and friendly and can live with kids of any age as long as they are trned to be around small children. This is an alangu with a nice head, long coat, big ears, beautiful eyes and nice temperament.

Please call 9970016962 for more info.

Additional Info :

We have rsed our alangu from puppies to adults and trned them for our clients in tamilnadu. We also have bred many alangans for our clients in andhra Pradesh.

If you are interested in breeding alangu with us and your location is in tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, then please call us.

We have had alangans for sale for many years and know what it takes to breed quality alangans.

We offer a health guarantee on all our dogs.

We also guarantee a full refund in case you do not find the right alangu for you or your family.

Payment options :

We take paypal payments only. We accept cash on site.

Terms :

Payment terms :

Full payment to be made within 7 days of sale. After full payment we will ship to you within 3 days of receiving payment. Please contact us for a full shipping quote prior to purchase.

Shipping :

We ship world wide, please call for shipping quote prior to purchase.

We also provide transportation to your location upon your request.

Contact Info :

Please contact us at 9970016962 or eml us for more info.

Reviews :

1. "I just got back from South Africa and I have a new dog. He is an alangu, and I couldn’t be happier! I brought him home last weekend and he has had the best time ever. He is already up to about 10.5kg in weight, and just seems to have so much energy. The breeder I bought him from was great to deal with, she gave me great advice and was very helpful. I’ve got to get him registered asap, but I think that will be the easiest thing for me. I just want to get him out on the field so he can have some fun. He has got such a playful and loving attitude, and I think the next six months will be so much fun! I’m sure you would be just as happy with a puppy from this breeder too, and I recommend her to anyone looking for a great breeder." - leen C

2. "I’m delighted with my new alangu puppy! I live in Sydney, and got in contact with her on Face Book. She was kind enough to send me a puppy a couple of weeks later! I took her home to have a check up, and I am more than happy with the breeder. They are located in a nice suburb, and she was very kind to let me meet and play with the puppy before making the purchase. Her dog is very well socialized, she has a small group of alangu in the neighbourhood. The breeder I dealt with is very kind, and she gave me some helpful advice too. Thank you so much, you are amazing!" - Tanya A

3. "I got in touch with the breeder after reading a post on Face Book, and she sent me a picture of her puppy. He is beautiful and very cute! She is a very reliable breeder, and very honest, she did a full health and check up for me before sending him over, she also sent a photo of the other alangans she breeds for me. She also sends you a questionnre about what you are looking for in a puppy, and her breeding policy and everything. I would recommend her to anyone interested in getting an alangu." - sling P

4. "Hi, my name is Marietta. My husband and I found the owner of alangans online and had her puppy delivered to us. We had the puppy for one month before we brought it to my in-laws. It is a male and we named him ‘Oscar’. Oscar was very lively and friendly and we could not be happier with him. He is a very good watchdog, he doesn’t like strangers coming into our house and will alert us if there is something he doesn’t like. He is very protective of our family and I wouldn’t have any other dog as my

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