Abscess on dog's bottom

Abscess on dog's bottom

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Abscess on dog's bottom

Hi,i have had a two month old puppy for 5 weeks and this weekend i took her for a walk.She was wearing a nappy (i dont know what you call it)and got a little cut around her bottom.I cleaned it with my fingers (i think im supposed to use alcohol?) and bandaged it up.She has had to go in twice to be de-flead and i noticed this morning when i was walking her,there was a bulge under the bandage.It is on the backside of the bum,not her poo.I wasnt sure what to do so i washed her bum with a little baby shampoo,she was okay after a couple of times but then when i went to put her in her bed,she had a little red bleed from her bum,which made me worry again.i just washed her and her bum again.Any thoughts?

It's not really an infection, more of a collection of skin and hairs around the area. You can leave it alone for a week or so and see what happens. If it does seem to be getting redder then get some vet advice.

As the others have said it can be very easy to remove the hairs with a blunt edge (I used my nail scissors - not too sharp, but blunt!). Just gently tease and when you get the skin free, leave it on. You could use a cotton bud to remove the skin which would be quite painful if you didn't want to use the blunt edge on the hairs.

I have a new to us puppy and he gets it quite often. We have the same advice as you. You might just leave it be until its a bit older and wiser.

I have a new to us puppy and he gets it quite often. We have the same advice as you. You might just leave it be until its a bit older and wiser.

Hi.I found out she was a hair puller because one day my other puppy put his head between hers and pulled her hair out.The next morning there was 2 hairs and she had pulled 4-5!I could only see her pulling hairs from the back so i thought she pulled them out of her mouth.Anyway,ive been trying to get to the back of her mouth to find a little hole but the hairs are so fine!Ive used different toothbrushes and even a nail brush,just cant find a way.Anyone any tips?

When I was a bit younger I used to cut a section of my fingernails short, then put the nail clippers against my bottom lip to sharpen them, then slide the sharpened nail clippers onto my finger tips. That worked really well for little kids as the nail shavings were very sharp so you could cut very fine hair.

Also, it really helped to keep a bowl of warm water (slightly warm), and a washcloth handy if she pulls at the fur a lot.

The other thing I did was I kept a comb handy so that I could brush her fur if she wanted to. It really helped her stop and let me comb her fur when she went to take a nap.

What helped us the most was that I kept a notebook and used a marker to track each time she pulled. Also, I kept a record of how many times a day she did it. When the numbers went into double digits (like 3-5), I would go in and give her a reminder to calm down and relax. A couple of times, she tried to bite me when I would give her the reminder. Then we went to a different method. When I had that down, I stopped the reminders. Now I know she won't let me get close and she'll always be on the lookout for me. If I forget, she reminds me and it really helps her remember too.

As for making her lay down, I made it very simple for her. I just used the same method I use for the dogs. I hold my hand down and let her know it's there for her to lay down. (No scratching, biting, kicking, or moving away).

Finally, I gave her a lot of love and attention in her room. I sat with her and held her in my lap or cuddled her close to me and talked to her.

Do you all have the same issue where your cats start to ignore you? We have a kitten who has a really short attention span. She has been ignoring us (allowing us to hold her) and when we try to pet her, she will start to claw at us. Her claws are quite long.

Any ideas on how we can get her to stop ignoring us? Or to be more receptive to petting?


I'm so sorry that your kitten has been acting up. Have you tried to help her? Have you changed her name and moved her cage?

I would try rubbing her ears on the inside until you get an answer.

If she won't let you pet her, I would try a different method. I'd say to her, "you know, you're not the only cat in the house. There is another cat in the house, just like you. I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to her. And I'm going to give you some love and attention right now. Come on, let's go, let's go". Once I'm done, I'd move her food and water bowls and then I'd move around the room until I find her attention. Maybe she can pet the other cat, I don't know.

As for making her lay down, I made it very simple for her. I just used the same method I use for the dogs. I hold my hand down and let her know it is okay. Then I lay down and tell her that she can use me to lay down. After a few times, she got the idea.

I hope that helps and that your kitten feels better soon.

Oh, and if you don't mind, I'd like to send you some pictures of my cat at work. I don't know if that's ok, but she's awesome and I hope you enjoy them.

I'm new to cat blogging too so it might help! But my 8 month old tabby girl was diagnosed with FIP yesterday. She's the first cat I've ever owned so I don't have much experience. I was so devastated when I found out what was wrong but I'm pretty lucky because she's back to her old self, and she doesn't show signs of FIP anymore. So thank you to the cat owner who mentioned the FIP treatment here, that's what I used for her. She will still be on medication for 2 months, but it doesn't matter because she's great. Anyway, hope you can help!

I want to thank all you cat owners for sharing your experience with FIP. It's a terrible disease. This is my last experience with it and now I know what to do if a cat comes in with this disease. My

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