How cute: A red kitten shows his favorite game

How cute: A red kitten shows his favorite game

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Watch out: In this cute video, a playful red velvet paw demonstrates how easy it is to please her. You need a box with a few holes in it, a little courage and nimble fingers ... How cute: A red kitten shows his favorite game - Image: T-Online

"Great, this game!", The cute red tiger cat seems to be thinking and is busy with full concentration and physical effort to get the fingers of its owners in the holes. If it were up to her, she could probably continue playing all day, because it never seems boring!

When copying: Carefully with your fingers

However, if you want to try out this exciting cat toy with your own cat, you should be a little careful or wear gloves: Not every fur nose is as careful as this one and only touches the fingers with retracted claws. A cat's hunting instinct can make even the dearest tiger forget its good upbringing and result in unsightly scratch marks.

Red kittens: velvet paws with a cute look

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