Persian cat: are there typical diseases?

Persian cat: are there typical diseases?

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Diseases can catch every house tiger, including the Persian cat. Are there any health risks that particularly affect this breed of cat? When choosing your Persian cat, pay attention to a species-appropriate breeding - Image: Shutterstock / Eugene Sergeev

To rule out cat diseases as well as possible, the Persian cat, like any other cat, should always be well looked after and cared for. Appropriate husbandry and healthy eating are just as important as regular visits to the veterinarian, where she is checked and vaccinated and, if necessary, dewormed and fled.

Unfortunately, there are also health problems that you can do little about with prevention. These include, for example, those that are inherited or that result from overbreeding.

Health problems due to cultivated traits

Unfortunately there are still Persian cat breeders who place less value on the health of their house tigers and more on an extreme appearance. Typical of this is the very flat, short nose, which leads to health problems with the velvet paw. In the worst case, Persians with this extreme characteristic will find it difficult to breathe and eat for a lifetime. They suffer from watery eyes and facial inflammation and often have to be treated by a veterinarian.

When choosing your breeder, make sure that your future pet and relatives are neither bred with too short, indented noses and too big eyes, nor with unnatural proportions, such as a physique that is far too short.

Kidney cysts and congenital numbness

Another problem, which can unfortunately occur hereditarily in this breed of cats, is the "Polycystic Kidney Disease" in short "PKD", in which the cats suffer from kidney cysts, which can lead to kidney failure in old age. This disease also occurs in other breeds such as the British Shorthair. In order to avoid breeding with cats that pass them on, it makes sense to have breeding animals tested for them early.

Fluffy, lovely and beautiful: the Persian cat

It is also possible that white animals are born deaf.

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