Why does my dog nudge me with his nose

Why does my dog nudge me with his nose

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Why does my dog nudge me with his nose to the r and back everytime I open the car door?

My male boxer was just rescued from death row and is 1.5 years old.He is extremely friendly and loves attention.He has had no health issues.He was being attacked and was rescued at a large shelter where they had no idea how long he was at the shelter, if he was adopted or not, etc.He had a good personality and was the runt of the litter, so, I felt like he would be a good pet for my son who is 9 years old.He is very loving, loyal and friendly with my son, and is an outdoor dog.The only thing he is not great at is being left alone, he likes to be around people, and is very friendly, he gets along with my son and everyone else.The first day we got him he nudged me to the back door to go outside, and then when I closed the door he nudged my shoulder and put his nose in the r and back to me.Then I took my purse outside to get my phone.He nudged my shoulder and put his nose in the r and back, then ld down. He also nudges me when I ask him to come in the house and he wants me to leave my door open.We were taking him home in our SUV.He nudged me out of the SUV to go outside.He went with me to get my other dog who is a very friendly beagle/Lab cross.When we got back in the SUV he nudged me from the back door to the front passenger seat.As soon as I got into the car and turned on the ignition he nudged my shoulder and put his nose in the r and back to me agn.I had to open the door and get out of the car every time.The first time he did this I thought maybe I had left a door open but it was my other dog who was in the back.Then my other dog was very friendly but would not come in the house to meet my son and my husband.She was very friendly to me, and would lay down and let me pet her.This was not the first time that I had ever taken him for a car ride.He just started doing this after we got him home.

We have always been careful about our dog and other animals getting into the car as she is very active.I have also always been careful about letting her out of my sight.I love my dog and she would not do something like this to me.But when I open the door he nudges my shoulder and put his nose in the r and back to me.But when I get out of the car he would go on about his business.Now when I let him out of the car he will run to the back door.

What do you think about this?

Have you ever heard anything similar?

It has just started recently.He has not had any accidents in the car before.

It is an old van and the doors open with hinges and have no locks on them.When I first got him he would jump right in the back of the van.But since then he seems to want out of the back.He will jump in the back and get in the middle of the seat, and will not move when I open the door.But he will jump out agn and then stand there and wt for me to open the door agn.He will jump out and get under the seats.He does not climb over anything and does not seem to have a desire to get on top of anything.He just wants to get out.

I was driving when he nudged my shoulder to get out of the car.I have taken him to my house a couple of times.It is kind of funny and I guess he must just want out.He does seem very protective of me.

My first thought was that he must be confused and wants to get out of the car.Then I realized that no one had been driving for a long time.I think he may have just wanted out of the car for a while, but it is a small part of his usual behavior.

When I first got him he was not very playful or sociable at all.He would only come out when I had my hands full.Now he is more outgoing.When I am outside he will run and play with my kitten, and he was always afrd of it when I had him when I first got him.Now when I go out to the dog runs he will follow me to the door and wt for me.He seems to enjoy the attention.He now seems to really enjoy the walks with me.

I think the fact that I am walking so often now seems to be his cue to come out and play.

Wednesday, August 16, 2007

I think that most people who have been to an Animal Shelter or heard about one, or visited them, have never seen, let alone touched, the animals before. Even though they have had their picture taken or a sketch done, or been read to, even though their pictures are now posted on the internet, or been listed as avlable for adoption, they never get to see them. If they did, even though they have been looking at them since they were young and would have known what they looked like when they were born, it would not do any good. They would still not be able to identify them.I have seen that a lot in the past few years. I have heard people ask the rescue people why they don’t get to see or take pictures of their pets or their animals at the Shelter. I was in the one where the people were trying to get their dog back and the woman had just seen him the day before. She was trying to get someone to tell her what kind of dog it was, and no one had a clue. They had all taken a look at it, but they just couldn’t recognize it.

I remember seeing a movie about Shelter Dogs a few years ago. In the movie, when the dog was brought in, he was about three months old, a puppy, and you could tell that he was nervous and scared, just as he would be when you first see a new person who you don’t know, a dog you don’t know, or a stranger. This is the way he was when I first saw him. He would not stop his nervous circling, and would not get down in his bed when I first got him. His feet were not clean and he had not been bathed and he had obviously been outside and was dirty. He was very cold and I just wanted to keep him warm and calm him down. I know what this feeling is like. When I first saw people at the Shelter, that was me. I was scared, and worried, and I would just cry. I cried all over when I saw the first few dogs. It is hard to watch. I do not think it can ever get easier, but it does get easier to get through. I do not think that anyone else gets used to it, it just gets easier to go through it. It is still hard, but there are no regrets. I know that I did what I could for that dog and he will always have that place in my heart and in my mind.

I was lucky to have been in those early days of caring for the homeless Shelter dogs. I got to be the one to bring them to my house, take them to the Vet, and then make sure that they got a lot of attention,

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