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Black cat 1 mayhew

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The First Great WarThe black cat of the First Great WarA war that was to last for 30 long years with its origins dating back to well before the year 1914A war that started with a conflict between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Principality of Serbia.This war would set in motion the events that brought about the destruction of the world. The first World War saw the nations of Europe divide and war agnst each other and all for what it seemed to be little more than greed for more land and control of the world.As you know the First Great War is a series of articles that will be published over the next few months as I slowly get my head round it.I have read several books on WW1 so this was not a complete noob's view but a series of posts on what I have been learning from the books. It seemed logical to start with the first war.This first instalment will cover the very first war, it will be short and sweet and will be full of pictures so you don't have to read if you don't want to. This will cover the First Great War of the World from a German perspective.

In my research I was faced with more names, the war had several names, I chose the term First Great War because it seemed the best one to use. I use this term to cover the First World War, the Austro-Prussian War, the Franco-Prussian War and even the first of the two world wars.I am going to begin with the Prussians, the name for the German state.

The Prussians had the most powerful army in the world at that time, the army that defeated the Russians at Tannenberg was well trned and well equipped and would become the best in the world at what it did.As well as the Army the Prussians also had the best Navy in the world and they had a navy that had not been beaten since the days of Nelson.When all these things came together the Prussians had the best military power in the world.But the German people weren't happy with this and started a revolution that would change the way Germany was to be for years to come.

The Prussians weren't the only army in the first great war, the French had their own army, the Austrian army.Both of these armies were very different from the German army in one respect, the French and Austrian had the best cavalry in the world, they were the envy of the Germans at this time.This allowed the Germans to focus on other areas of their army such as their artillery, which was the best in the world in 1914.

The best cavalry the French and Austrians had wasn't good enough for the Germans so they set about to try and create a cavalry that would be worthy of the name.During the First World War the Germans focused their work on the machine gun, the machine gun changed the way armies fought.They made the Germans focus on their artillery, so they spent a lot of money on artillery and this led to them creating the best artillery in the world.So as Germany got ready for the Second World War, they had a strong army in 1914, but a weakness that needed to be fixed.

The Germans tried to improve their army from 1914 but they were stuck with a lot of the old design from the first World War and they needed to build a new army, so the first thing they did was create the German army in the Second World War.The German army came from many of the same ideas as their army of 1914 but they were changed for the way they saw the world.The German army saw the world through Prussian eyes, from this they came up with new ideas and ideas that would last for years to come.This is because they understood that people in every country think differently.

The Germans also knew that every country was different and they had to work with this.The German army needed to do this because it was the only way they could make their army strong.During the First World War, the Germans had the advantage of being a small country and they didn't have to have the same rules of war like the rest of the world.The Germans were able to win a world war without having to follow the rules of warfare, but in the Second World War, they had to follow the rules of warfare.This is because when you attack another country, the Germans saw the world through Prussian eyes.They thought that every country acted differently and the rules of warfare had to be adjusted for each country.This is why the Germans had to change.

Another thing the Germans understood was that their army had to get used to war.The first time they used the new ideas they created in their army was on the Eastern Front.It took them a long time to learn how to adapt the new ideas from their army.This is because they were attacked a lot during the Second World War and so they needed to learn how to adapt.After the Second World War, the German army had been in the trenches for so long that they had learned a lot about how to adapt.

Another way that the German army had to adapt to war was because they had a lot of new technology.If they were going to use this new technology, they needed to learn how to use it.There were so many new ideas that they needed to learn how to use. This was a big problem for them because they had very little time to learn how to use the technology that they had.They had to make a plan about what they were going to do if they wanted to use this new technology and they had to learn how to use it in the shortest amount of time. This was something that they had to learn. They needed to be careful with new technology because there were a lot of new weapons in the Second World War.The German army had to learn how to use some of these weapons before the Allies used them.If they did not learn how to use these weapons they could be in trouble. This would cause the Allies to win. It was very dangerous for them.

If we compare this to American’s army it is easy to see that they did not have as much trouble using technology than the Germans.In the Second World War, American’s army could use technology.They had a lot of money.They could pay for the technology that they needed to use.There was more money in America than in Germany.This was a big advantage for American’s army.This allowed them to use more technology than the Germans.Americans had many inventions that they could use.American’s army did not have as many new ideas that they needed to learn to adapt. If the Americans did not have money, they would not have had as many inventions as they did. They would have had to learn how to use technology that they already had.

Technology is the best weapon that can be used in war. It makes the battle easier to win for the army that uses it. It is better than old weapons because you can make the weapon much better. It is better than human soldiers because they could be hurt in war. Technology makes the military stronger. It allows the army to take the chance of being injured in war and survive. Technology allows the army to do more. It allows them to make things better, which is great. If technology is not used, then war would be easier for the army to fight. They would not have to use many soldiers. It would be better for the soldiers to live.

I hope that this has helped you to understand this book. You now know what it is about, who wrote it and why. If you do not like it, just change the way that you look at it. It is your choice. I hope that I have given you a

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