Cat and jack snow pants

Cat and jack snow pants

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Cat and jack snow pants

Cat and jack snow pants

Cat and jack snow pants

It is no secret that my wife and I are avid hunters. Our passion is nothing short of amazing. We own several different rifles and pistols, and we always have multiple guns on us whether it is for turkey, deer or bear. In the past we’ve hunted our deer blind at a friend’s farm in Florida. It was a blast for us as we were all together doing something we love. However, in a recent hunt we will be hunting in an area of Idaho that my wife’s family has been hunting for several generations. I’ve shot before in this area, and I’ve visited several other friends while they were hunting. We were anxious to get to this area and start hunting.

We arrived in the area to learn that it would be frly difficult to get in a place we could call our own. That is because there is a lot of private property that has hunters on it and not the landowners. That being sd, there was a lot of hunting pressure in the area and with our family the pressure was to keep us moving on the area. That meant there was a lot of “no trespassing” signs and hunting pressure on us. The pressure was just in case we happened to be on some private property. We were in it for the long run so we were always careful with our actions.

We got everything we would need for the hunt, checked the area for a place we could call our own and then we were ready to go. We headed to the trl head and prepared to find a good location to place our blind. It didn’t take long to find a location that was suitable and when we were all satisfied with the location we were comfortable. We checked the area one more time to make sure there was no hunting pressure on us and then we were ready to head out.

With snow pants and jackets on and shotguns loaded and ready to go we were ready to hunt. We started in the morning but before we left, we went to the property to check on the areas where we would be hunting. While we were out there we had the chance to talk to some of the other hunters and they told us that the buck we were after was in the area. While checking the area we learned it was true and a buck was in the area. We were anxious to get to the area, but before we did, we needed to make sure we were not trespassing on a neighbor’s property.

We found the property and were pleased with how the land was ld out. That gave us the confidence to get out there and check out the area. When we got to the area we made sure there was no one else there before we sat down. We had a spot picked out and had plenty of time to put up our blind, so that was not an issue. Once we had our spot set up we decided it would be best to go to bed to conserve our energy for the next day.

We all hit the sack and went to sleep. There were some nice birds in the r and they sang a good portion of the night. We all enjoyed the sleep the rest of the night and woke up refreshed and ready to go. We ate a quick breakfast and left the location to head to where we would be hunting.

We arrived to the location and were happy to see it was a nice property with nice land and a nice stand. The stand that we were in was a good size and had no issues with the wind. We were good to go right out of the box and sat down. From the start of the hunt we were on a time limit of only two hours. We were excited to be in our stand and we didn’t want to waste any time so we had everything checked out and we were ready to start our day.

All we needed was a good target and a day that was going to get us out there. The morning started off with a great cloud cover and we were able to get the area up. We were in a spot that was open to the West and we had an excellent vantage point and a great spot to shoot from. We were able to make out a nice doe that was feeding the deer and we were able to bring her in to about 25 yards from our blind.

We had enough time to check the deer and make sure that we were both ready to go. We both sat there and watched her for a few minutes and when she walked off we started to get our equipment together. She took off walking into the woods and we started to follow her path. She crossed two different paths and we thought we could hear her as she walked up to a stand of trees.

She walked around one tree and stopped, walked around the other tree and then she stopped agn. She was looking for us, it was time to shoot! We began to walk up to her as we got ready to shoot. We were still behind the trees, we could not see her face or her body so we did not know if she was going to run away. But I got closer to her and I could see that she was sitting in a patch of grass and I was able to see her leg and her chest and I knew that she was tired.

We walked up to the spot and I was ready to make my shot. I pulled the trigger and the buck exploded out of the woods and into the r. He was down on his front leg and he came right to me. I thought he would be running for his life, but the first shot didn’t stop him. He ran towards me with a big smile on his face and I shot him agn. The second shot did not take the heart out of him. I was able to get him in the neck and it stopped him.

We had all the pictures taken we could before daylight. We got him back to the truck, drove back and got out and put him in the bed of the truck. It was very exciting. The rest of the day we tried to clean him, but he smelled so bad. I was afrd we would all get sick. But we all felt pretty good. The next day I went out and shot another buck.

I am so glad we got to experience the magic of nature and the forest at that time of the year. It was a life changing experience and we have all been hunting and shooting since.

Thank you for reading my story and feel free to share it with your friends.

Please leave a comment, it makes me very happy.


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