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Balinese cat san antonio

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Balinese cat san antonio ludovico

San Antonio Ludovico (died June 13, 1593) was a Roman Catholic prelate who was born in Venice. Ludovico was appointed Bishop of Bovino, Tivoli, Subiaco, and Lodi by Pope Gregory XIII on June 9, 1583. He was imprisoned by his order from March 2, 1590 until June 13, 1593. Ludovico never lived in Bovino, Tivoli, Subiaco, or Lodi. Ludovico served as Bishop of Lodi from April 21, 1586 until his death in Rome.

In the early 16th century, Bovino and Lodi were parts of the Papal States, the rest of the diocese of Lodi was a part of the Holy Roman Empire, which was divided into the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Kingdom of Sicily.


Early life and ordination

The birth date and birthplace of Ludovico are not recorded.

Ludovico was the youngest son of Marco Antonio Ludovico and Teresa della Tolfa. On September 16, 1560, Ludovico was ordned a priest in the Congregation of the Humility of Mary at Bologna by Bishop Francesco Spada. The Congregation was a form of religious order founded in Bologna.


Ludovico was appointed Bishop of Bovino and a Cardinal on May 19, 1583.

Ludovico was appointed Bishop of Lodi on June 9, 1583. He was appointed Archbishop of Subiaco on March 3, 1586, but he did not assume the title.

Ludovico was never appointed Bishop of Bovino, Lodi, or Subiaco. Ludovico was appointed Archbishop of Lodi on April 21, 1586. Ludovico lived in Bologna and attended the papal court regularly until 1592, when he was forced to move to Rome as a result of the arrest of other cardinals for the Ridolfi Plot, a conspiracy agnst Pope Clement VIII (1592–1605).

Pope Clement had died and Cardinal Ippolito de' Medici was now Pope Clement VIII. The Medici was known to be an enemy of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IX, and as such, they were a prime target of King Henry of Navarre, also known as Henry IV, for whom his mother Catherine de' Medici had negotiated. Charles IX was assassinated, and as a result, Navarre went into exile in the Papal States.

As a result of the coup, all the bishops in the Papal States were asked to surrender their prelates’ property, but there is no record that Ludovico did so. The Archdiocese of Lodi was assigned to Ludovico di Bologna, as was the titular diocese of Bovino.

Pope Clement VIII had also requested that Ludovico become a cardinal. Cardinal de' Medici declined to elevate Ludovico to the Sacred College. Cardinal Giulio Antonio Santorio received the title of cardinal priest of S. Susanna on May 20, 1595. However, de' Medici would elevate Ludovico as archbishop of Lodi to a cardinal in 1605, which would make him a cardinal priest (i.e. not a cardinal deacon). However, Ludovico's elevation was vetoed by King Henry IV.

Death and burial

The date of death is uncertn, but it was sometime in the early 1620s. Sources disagree as to where Ludovico was buried. Ludovico was possibly buried in the Cathedral of Lodi, which is the cathedral in which he had been installed. However, the cardinal's tomb is under the mn altar, under the altar of the Virgin.


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