Chicago dogs bark at the ballpark 2019

Chicago dogs bark at the ballpark 2019

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Chicago dogs bark at the ballpark 2019

April 24, 2019

It’s the month of May agn. The Chicago Cubs season is on its way to a playoff push after a long offseason. And once agn, Chicagoans are invited to the party. In fact, the Cubs have announced that all-city tickets will go on sale May 8.

If the season started today, the Cubs would be in first place and fans would be celebrating a well-deserved win. However, the season has been delayed until May which means the start of a new season means we have a new ballpark experience. The Cubs have a new home, Wrigley Field, and this year’s opening day is July 26, which is the start of regular season. That’s right, this year it’s the Chicago dogs barking at the ballpark. For more than 80 years, the sound of dogs barking during a game has been the most distinctive characteristic of the Chicago Cubs.

The story of the Chicago Dogs began in 1940. With the rise of World War II, the price of food was skyrocketing and the meat that used to be on the menu had changed. It seemed that not many Americans were eating steak anymore and people in Chicago were also hungry for something meaty and familiar. That’s when Fred Taylor came up with the idea for a Chicago-style hot dog. Taylor opened Fred Taylor’s Chophouse, which served a classic Chicago dog, at Wrigley Field and sold them for $.50 per hot dog. It took off.

In 1942, Taylor opened a Chophouse Dogs at Wrigley Field and began producing the hot dog on a large scale. The hot dog was manufactured in a different facility and shipped from the Taylor’s factory to Wrigley. The dog was prepared in two ways: with chili, tomato sauce or relish, a raw onion, mustard, and a dash of celery salt. For the record, the celery salt is optional.

The first Chicago Dog served at Wrigley was the original chili dog, which is still sold today, and it’s no wonder. It is believed that the chili dog originated in the Mexican state of Jalisco and spread through the rest of Mexico in the early 20th century. It made its way to the States by way of Chicago, and the chili remns the most popular topping.

There were several hot dog vendors in Chicago and Wrigley Field at the time, but it was Taylor’s product that caught on, thanks to his innovative way of processing and serving the dogs. The dog would become known for its “doggie chew” taste that is produced by its thin casing and small size, but also for its high-quality ingredients. Over the years, it also became a symbol for the city of Chicago and something that united people in the town and those in the ballpark. In addition to the traditional red chili, Taylor’s added its own sauce, relish, pickle, and pepper sauce. It was the first hot dog on the menu that actually cost money, and Taylor’s was the first place to sell it at the park.

During the 1930s and 1940s, Taylor’s became the place to go for hot dogs and beer after games, and you’d often see kids in the stands. The first thing that comes to mind is Babe Ruth’s hot dog. During the summer games, it was sd that he ate a box of the dogs before the game. Another popular Chicago Dog is known as the "Billy Goat," a version in which the mustard is white and onions and peppers are white instead of red. It was sd to have been brought to the ballpark by the Billy Goat Tavern. It is also believed to have been introduced to the ballpark by Billy Taylor.

In 1965, Taylor’s was sold to the Wrigley family and became the Wrigleyville Stadium. The stadium served as the home field for the Chicago Cubs, which was still the most popular team in the city, until 2016. It also served as the headquarters for the Chicago Bears until 1995. During that time, the stadium also played host to many other events, such as boxing and circuses.

Taylor’s has made a comeback in the last few years, as the ballpark has become a destination once agn. The Taylor’s Dog is still a popular menu item, but now is offered in other places at the park as well. The Taylor’s Dog is a local favorite, so don’t be surprised if the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs make an appearance there! If you're looking for a classic Taylor’s Dog experience, visit Taylor’s Park at the Park, where they will be dishing up the "Original Taylor's Dog."

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