Cats on a climbing tour: clever little sports cannons

Cats on a climbing tour: clever little sports cannons

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Seven lives and sharp claws: the perfect combination to climb high. These cats are leading the way! Climbing is fun! All cats agree there - Image: Shutterstock / Anastasija Popova Climbing fun: little cat wants to go high! - Image: Shutterstock / oleg kuzminov Would be laughed if this cat could not climb to the other side of the fence - Image: Shutterstock / oleg kuzminov Climbing on a beautiful summer evening: Cats have fun - Image: Shutterstock / JACKIEZ "Climbing up was easy - but how do I get down now?" - Image: Shutterstock / hosphotos

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    04-05-2014 16:05:11

    taraost1: The two are awesome, they are part of the BIG climbing maxes. The kitty below is especially adorable ... Report abuse
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    kerstinleschke: Report abuse
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    kerstinleschke: nice if man has help Report abuse
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    kerstinleschke: Mistress what have you reported abuse there
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    kerstinleschke: mama help me report abuse
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    kerstinleschke: nice view Report abuse
  • 03-09-2013 10:09:39

    kerstinleschke: Practice makes most report abuse
  • 19-08-2013 12:08:31

    kathischrei: also a way to take a hurdle to report abuse
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    stefanstaeger50: And up with you! Report abuse

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