Adorable kitten: Marshmallow discovers the world

Adorable kitten: Marshmallow discovers the world

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You just have to love this cute Persian cat baby. Marshmallow, or also affectionately called 'Marshy', is a particularly fluffy specimen of its breed and visibly enjoys exploring its surroundings.

How exciting the world is for little house tigers! Marshy begins to inquire about the world on paws. She tests her scratching post for the first time, makes beautiful music for her owners on the iPad and annoys her mom a bit. Have fun little kitten!

Two weeks later: Marshy is unstoppable

Warning, here comes Marshmallow! The little white whirlwind has rediscovered its play instinct and finds plenty of opportunities in their home to live it out as they please. And her mother is not to be ragged either and plays hard with her sugar-sweet offspring. Watching is fun!

Marshmallow on Adventures: Growing Up? Not with me!

Marshmallow not only grows tall, but also seems to be getting fluffier. And when she plays, she clearly wants to go high, as you can see in this cute video. What an adorable little kitten!

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