The largest dog breeds in the world

The largest dog breeds in the world

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These four-legged friends are true giants of their kind. In the picture series we show five of the largest dog breeds in the world. Great Dane: Also around 80 centimeters tall and one of the most famous dog breeds ever - Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak

Japanese mastiff or Tosa Inu: up to 76 centimeters tall fighting dog - Image: Shutterstock / Zbynek Jirousek Mastín del Pirineo: The Spanish shepherd dog has an average size of 77 centimeters - Picture: Shutterstock / Kichigin St. Bernard: The "avalanche dog" is at a withers height of 80 centimeters - Image: Shutterstock / Karen Givens Spanish mastiff: three of the up to 80 centimeters tall animals can kill a bear - Image: Shutterstock / naten Great Dane: Also around 80 centimeters tall and one of the most famous dog breeds ever - Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak

No, these conspecifics are not horses - but almost as big as the small expenses of the ungulates. We're talking about the largest dog breeds in the world. The Great Dane is at the top of the leaderboard. The animal reaches an average size of 80 centimeters standing on all four paws up to the shoulder - also known as the height at the withers. According to tradition, the magnificent four-legged animal was used as a fighting dog by the Assyrians in a kind of archetype 4,000 years ago. Later the Great Dane emerged from these dogs. Also among the largest dog breeds in the world is the Mastín Español, which comes to a comparable height at the withers. Originally used as a shepherd dog, the Spanish mastiff is now increasingly used as a domestic and farm dog.

Spanish shepherd dogs, Japanese fighting dogs

With an average of 79 to 80 centimeters, the Saint Bernard is by no means a small dog. The fluffy four-legged friend should be known to most as an avalanche dog with a rum barrel around his neck. The sturdy St. Bernard is considered to be particularly sensitive and meek, making it ideal for families with children. Another Spanish representative is the Mastín del Pirineo with an average size of 77 centimeters. The Spaniard with the bristly, medium-length hair is considered to be easy to train and a reliable guardian of the farm and herd - for example against wolves or bears. Last but not least, the Japanese mastiff with a height of up to 76 centimeters is worth mentioning. It is also known as Tosa Inu. Unfortunately, the animals were used as fighting dogs as early as the 17th century. Even today, the breed is still forced to fight dogs - after all, biting is prohibited here. Nevertheless, the Tosa Inu is not only one of the largest dog breeds, but also one of the most dangerous. A not so big but heavy dog ​​is the Cane Corso Italiano, which is also one of the heaviest dogs with almost 50 kg. In Bavaria and Brandenburg this is kept as a list dog, despite his actually friendly nature.

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