Ginger orange tabby cat

Ginger orange tabby cat

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Ginger orange tabby cat who is also an angel. If it is a problem at all then why has the owner let it out and is it possible the cat can still be saved?

I have attached the picture of the kitten who I am trying to get help for, his name is Ginger Orange Tabby who is also an angel.

Hi, I’m wondering if you’re not having problems at the moment. There are lots of places that will take them in. Most of them will take care of the health of the kitten for a fee. You don’t have to pay anything if the kitten is microchipped. That’s how I found mine. If you’re not having problems with the kitten yet, it will be fine. You may have to keep it on a leash, since they can be very wild, but it’s just temporary.

Hi Ginger Orange Tabby is it possible to find out if the cat is being kept with other cats, as we are moving to a new house next week and we want to make sure we can take her to a new home. Can anyone please advise.

Hi, Ginger is not in a shelter at the moment, but it may be in the future. It’s also possible that he came out on his own. Microchipping is the best way to go. However, if you are planning to go on vacation and the cat goes missing, then you may be able to have the microchip registered. I can try and look into that for you.

We just brought our little ginger orange tabby home and she seems ok but has some health problems and is on medication, she is not used to being in the house with other cats so is really scared at first, will she be ok once we get her used to her surroundings?

Hi, I don’t think the cat is micro-chipped. It’s probably not possible to micro-chip an adult cat. I think you are better off trying to find out where the cat came from and if it was taken in, you’ll have to micro-chip it or get a new one from the shelter. I would also take a picture of it to try and find out who it belongs to. If it’s abandoned and you are worried about it getting lost, you’ll need to take steps to keep it safe.

It is amazing to hear that you have already taken care of her. She will probably be fine once she’s back on her food, but she will probably have some gas problems and will need to have some medication for that.

I can give you the details of the vet who I go to. If you want me to, I can get you in touch with the person who does the micro-chipping. The only other thing is that she won’t have her shots because she was so young when I got her.


I’m looking for advice, my housemate brought home this little kitten which I’ve named Ginger Orange Tabby, I’m really worried for it’s welfare. The kitten is very timid and doesn’t like the other cats or people. Is it possible for it to get adopted?

Hi there, I just got back from the vet and the kitten is perfectly healthy and she has all her shots up to date. I can’t find anything wrong with the kitten and the vet didn’t know what it was she had. She gave her antibiotics and vitamins.

Hi, this is a very good question. As soon as I can, I will let you know what the vet says. It will be best if you let the vet know what you’re going to do with the kitten. She could end up being lost.

Hi Ginger Orange Tabby, I am the cat’s owner, she is very timid, and only comes when I’m home. It looks like she’s sick, is there any treatment or will she die. She was also taken off food and had vitamins.

Hi, I have attached a picture of the kitten that is going on about a week now. I know that you do not know anything about the kitten. I don’t even know myself.

When I got this kitten that’s all I could say. She has the same color as my cat’s and was born in the same litter. She just came to us. There were 7 kittens and we got the one that came to us.

The kitten is getting weaker and weaker, she was born blind and she’s not eating. I’ve tried to give her the food but she doesn’t eat anything.

I want to know, is she dying? I’m not going to let her die in my home. I will let her go to a shelter if I can’t keep her. I don’t want to have to put the kitten out. I don’t even know if I will be able to keep her.

I think she’s sick. There could be lots of reasons. Do you think she could be in pain? Is she having difficulty breathing? Could she be blind because she can’t see well? There are lots of possibilities.

I think you’ll have to take her to the vet. If you can get her to eat, it will be easier for them to do the tests they need to do. You can’t just take it to a shelter or a friend. They’ll need to do the tests first and if the kitten is sick, then you’ll have to find someone who can keep it for a few days until you can see the vet again. You’ll also have to make sure that they have a kennel or a room to put it in.

My kitten was born at the vet. I didn’t think anything about it at the time. We were given a very sick kitten that we took home and got better.

I didn’

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