Travel sets for dogs: Different models

Going on tour with a travel set saves space in the suitcase or trunk and helps the dog owner to have everything at hand. A wide variety of models are available in specialist shops and online. Travel set for dogs: Different models - Image: Shutterstock / Fly_dragonfly

1. Set with blanket, toys and bowl

How practical: This set contains seven different dog items that can be used to provide fun, games and the physical well-being of the dog. Toys, combs, travel bowls and fleece blankets are packed in a practical carrying bag so that the holidaymaker has it handy to carry.

2. Indispensable when traveling: the first aid kit

A first aid kit for animals should definitely not be forgotten on vacation. First-aid kit, tick pliers, flea comb and a book for first aid can be incredibly important in the event of an emergency. Handy and light as it is, it can also be taken on walks, bike rides and hikes.

3. Practical set with water and food bowl

Feeding and drinking water on the go and at the holiday location are particularly comfortable with a light, well-packed set of food and water bowl. With a storage box for animal feed, this travel utensil is complete and conveniently also slip and dishwasher safe.

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