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Four types of dog food - without animal testing

Four types of dog food - without animal testing

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There is now a good selection of dog food brands that manufacture their products without the use of animal testing. These four delicious varieties are one of them. Four types of dog food - without animal testing - Image: Shutterstock / Scorpp

1. Organic dog food with chicken

This wet food offers the best organic quality. Firstly, no animal tests are carried out for the production of dog food and secondly, only ingredients from certified organic cultivation are used. The manufacturer also does away with any kind of artificial additives.

2. Delicious dry food with fish and meat

This high quality dry food is grain free and contains many healthy protein sources - including herring, salmon and moray eels. The brand does not carry out any animal experiments, nor is meat from factory farming or genetically modified foods used.

3. Guaranteed fresh meat

The manufacturer of this dog food places great value on freshness: he only uses freshly slaughtered meat. All animal products also come from food-controlled stocks. The brand does not carry out animal experiments either. The absence of chemical dyes, fragrances and attractants prevents allergies in dogs.

4. Nutritious organic feed with duck

The sustainable production of meat is very important to the manufacturer of this dog food with organic duck. All meat products used come from animal welfare. In addition, the brand works entirely without animal and bone meal and also does not use animal experiments.

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