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Buy pedigree cat: How to recognize good breeders

Buy pedigree cat: How to recognize good breeders

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If you want to buy a pedigree cat, make sure that it comes from a good home. You can recognize good breeders not only by the fact that all papers are available, but also by how the kittens are kept and how they behave towards you. Find out what you should pay attention to here. Buy pedigree cat: How to recognize good breeders - Photo: Shutterstock / Grauvision

If you have fallen in love with the look or nature of a particular breed, a visit to the breeder is due. Be especially careful to take a healthy kitten of loving origin home with you.

You will find good breeders here

Since there is hardly any money to be made with serious breeding, most committed breeders are so-called hobby breeders. "Hobby" in this case does not mean that they are less qualified. To make initial contact with breeders of pedigree cats, you can search through advertisements on the Internet or in cat magazines. You can also call a breeding association and inquire personally about breeders in your area or visit a cat show.

You can recognize good breeders by their knowledge

Buying a pedigree cat also means dealing with the breeder you want to buy a kitten from. A serious breeder limits himself to one, maximum two breeds, because the knowledge, which he needs for a successful breeding, is very extensive. It is a good sign if the breeder specifically asks you about your living conditions, maybe even want to take a look at them. He will also ask you whether the character of the breed you have chosen suits you. In general, you can count on the support of a good breeder both before and after the adoption. He is always on hand to advise you and may even offer to take over the velvet paw from his home when you go on vacation.

Purchase contract for pedigree cats

A reputable breeder will of course draw up a sales contract - after all, when buying a pedigree cat, quite large sums go over the table. The contract regulates, among other things, what happens if the pedigree cat gets unexpectedly ill.

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Papers are important when buying a cat

Membership in a breed association or breed club is also a sign that you can recognize good breeders. If you buy a pedigree cat, it should definitely have vaccination papers and a pedigree. These are only issued by breeding associations that ensure that a breeder adheres to all guidelines.

Good care for the cats

The guidelines of the breeding associations include, for example, that kittens are not taught under twelve weeks and that there is a grace period between litters of the mother cat. At the time of delivery, the kittens should have a basic immunization and be dewormed several times.

Get an idea of ​​the rearing on site: Are there enough feed, water, play and retreat facilities available? Is the feed high quality and appropriate for the breed? Do mothers and kittens generally look lively? Keep in mind that animal husbandry leaves traces. A slight pee smell is not reprehensible if kittens live in the apartment who are not yet house-trained.

If a stud is even at home here, he also leaves one or the other fragrance brand. Of course, the surroundings must not be dirty, but if everything looks a bit too clean and orderly, the cats may only be in the living room during visits and otherwise live in the basement.

Expose dubious breeders

Sometimes it is difficult at first glance to distinguish unscrupulous propagators from responsible breeders. You can find out how to recognize questionable sellers of pedigree cats in the guide "Buy pedigree cats: identify dubious breeders"

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