Finding quiet cat breeds: tips

Finding quiet cat breeds: tips

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If you are looking for a relaxed pet, typical quiet cat breeds are the right thing for you. But which velvet paws belong to the relaxed contemporaries? The Maine Coon is one of the quiet cat breeds - Image: Shutterstock / kuban_girl

If you like it calm and relaxed at home, you will not choose a wild house tiger with big cat qualities as a pet. There are some quiet cat breeds. They are characterized by a peace-loving, meek character. The attitude as a house cat is usually not a problem with these balanced four-legged friends.

Quiet cat breeds: British Shorthair and Russian Blue

A classic representative of the quiet cat breeds is the British Shorthair. The gentle cat is relaxed and balanced. Although she loves to have her people around her, she also needs her freedom. The British Shorthair loves to live in the apartment - as long as it has a small retreat for itself.

Quiet cat breeds also include the Russian blue. The shy velvet paw loves to play with her people or other cats, but she can also do very well alone. She dislikes noise and hectic pace - the Russian likes it calm and relaxed.

Cute little British Shorthair kittens

Tips for meek cats

The Maine Coone cat is also one of the quiet animals. Although it is a domestic cat in XXL format, the term "gentle giant" applies to this house tiger.

The Persian cat is often described as very calm - almost phlegmatic. It is peaceful and never actually aggressive. Therefore, she gets along well with children and other cats.


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