Recognize a furry cat: you should pay attention to these signs

Recognize a furry cat: you should pay attention to these signs

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From the age of 6 months, a cat can get rickety. When exactly it happens can vary from animal to animal. You can read about the typical behavior and characteristics of a furry cat here. Sexually mature cats get into heat several times a year - Image: Shutterstock / Alexandra Giese

When sexual maturity occurs, a female cat can get in the heat several times a year. A cat's roughness usually lasts from 5 to 10 days. On 2 to 4 days, the cat is actually ready to mate.

Exactly what signs appear and how severe the symptoms are is different for each animal - but it is almost always loud.

Is your cat in trouble? Possible signs

You can recognize a furry cat by its unusual behavior. Most of the time, your velvet paw is particularly clingy in the early stages of rolling. It is then conspicuously cuddly, rubs against you or other animals.

It may also be that she repeatedly strokes objects and rolls on the floor. For this reason, this behavior is also known as inferiority.

If you stroke your furry cat, she may instinctively adopt the mating posture: her buttocks stretched out, her tail bent sideways. If a cat is in a hurry, it will also not call out quietly for a cat that is ready to mate - loud howling included.

The cat in the following video is right in the middle of it all:

Restlessness as a symptom of being in heat in cats

Your velvet paw will also try to exercise. Even if she's used to housekeeping, she'll do anything to get outside and find a partner: scratch the window, run out the door as soon as it opens, and more.

Furthermore, you can probably see a lot of restlessness in your furry cat. She paces up and down and seems to have no other interest than to mate with a hangover. This can manifest itself, for example, through loss of appetite.

As an unpleasant side effect, the room tiger also sometimes starts marking objects. The litter box also has a stronger smell than usual, as the cat secretes fragrances that are intended to attract hangovers.

Behavior of other animals towards rolling cats

It is also often noticed that there are suddenly more neighbors who are near your house hoping for the favor of your queen. It is not said that your cat lady lets everyone in. It can happen that a furry cat hisses at a cat because it doesn't feel like it.

If there are other animals living in the household, you can also tell from their reactions whether your cat is in a ruff. The lovable velvet paw irritates her animal roommates and so dogs and other cats can go crazy if their otherwise peaceful companion suddenly has only hangovers ready for mating.

Mating behavior: This is how cats and cats differ

The mating behavior of cats follows its own rules of the game. The female cat is in heat ...

When do cats start to get in?

On average, female cats become sexually mature from the age of 6 months. However, depending on the breed, attitude and individual development, this may also be the case sooner or later. The onset of puberty is then noticeable through the first roll.

How Often Do Cats Get Rolled?

Cats have a different sex cycle than humans. They don't ovulate every month. Rather, they usually only ovulate when they are covered by a hangover. This, in turn, is only possible if the cat is in heat. How often this is the case depends on various factors.

The cat's sexual cycle is referred to in medical jargon as "seasonal polyestrial". This means that cats' willingness to mate is based on the seasons and that they can become pregnant several times a year.

If it is bright for at least 12 hours a day, the cat's sexual cycle is stimulated and the cat can get in the mood. This is approximately between March and September. In autumn and winter there is usually sexual calm in cats.

If a cat is not mated during this phase, you can often see that it will become ruffled again after two to three weeks. However, the rest periods between the rolliness can be very different. Some cats have shorter breaks between mating episodes, while others take longer.

In heat: special case of a house cat

It is particularly difficult to estimate how often cats get into bumps with pure house tigers. Because cats who live in the apartment are not exposed to the natural light conditions of daylight.

This means that the sex cycle of indoor cats cannot be based on the seasons. With bad luck, the rest phases are even completely eliminated and the cat is permanent.

How long are cats in the nest?

The initial phase of roughness, the so-called proestrus, usually lasts about 1 to 3 days. After that, the phase in which the cat can actually become pregnant begins, also called oestrus. The duration of estrus is on average 2 to 4 days.

In total, cats are between 3 and 7 days old. However, the following also applies here: The average values ​​can vary from animal to animal.

Caution! Cats are ready to mate into old age and can still be in heat as a senior. There is no such thing as the menopause in humans with the house tigers.

You need to know this about the pregnancy of a cat

Pregnancy is usually a happy event, but it also has some difficulties ...

Cat rolling - what to do?

When a cat is in heat, it is not so easy to calm it down. You can still try to make this time as stress-free as possible. Take extra time for your lovely velvet paw.

Caress her, play with her and create a calm environment. Also, don't let them out of the house if you don't want children. In consultation with an animal healer, Bach flowers or Schüßler salts can also have a calming effect on some cats.

In the long term, however, you can only save your cat from being stubborn if you have it neutered. It is important that you do not only have them sterilized. Because a cat gets in spite of a sterilization, because this method does not prevent the production of sex hormones.

Although you can have your cat neutered while it is in the heat, you should only do this in an emergency. Because the genital organs are particularly well supplied with blood in this phase, so that it can lead to complications during the operation in this case.

If there is no rush, wait until your cat has calmed down and then go to the vet with her.

Does your cat still get ruffled after neutering?

Then you should go back to the vet with her, because there may be a so-called ovary rest syndrome. Remains of the ovarian tissue accidentally remain in the uterus, so that sex hormones continue to be produced. If the veterinarian removes these residues, your cat will no longer be in a hurry.

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