Why do cats eat grass? Possible reasons

Why do cats eat grass? Possible reasons

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Have you ever wondered why cats eat grass? After all, the velvet paws are actually carnivores and their digestive tract is not designed for plant food. So far there is no clear, scientifically proven justification why our house tigers like to chew on the green stalks - but at least a few theories on the subject. The green stalks seem to taste this velvet paw, but why do cats eat grass? - Shutterstock / Astrid Gast

Outdoor enthusiasts like to enjoy the stalks in the garden, while indoor cats enjoy a bowl of fresh cat grass. You can find out more about the reasons behind this behavior here.

Cats eat grass as a digestive aid

One theory is that cats eat grass because the fibers and fiber in it help them digest. Hairballs that sit too deeply to be vomited can thus expel the velvet paws over the feces. However, it can often be observed that the fur noses do not completely eat the grass, but only chew on it. They rarely swallow the stalks completely.

Blades of grass help get rid of hairballs

According to another theory, the grass can also serve as a digestive aid if your cat just nibbles on the stalks. In doing so, it absorbs bitter substances that stimulate its nausea and help it to choke less deep-seated hairballs and indigestible residues from its prey. This way, your pet can clear its digestive tract of waste so to speak, so that its body can process the necessary nutrients from the feed better.

Four times healthy cat grass for your house tiger

Cat grass has many health benefits - especially for domestic cats because it helps the digestion ...

Healthy nutrients in the grass?

In addition, there is the assumption that grass contains folic acid, which is essential for cats - for example, for a healthy blood circulation and for growth. The juice that emerges from the stalks when nibbling could therefore help the animals to meet their folic acid requirements.

Is it dangerous for cats to eat grass?

The grass in the garden is usually safe for your cat and may even be healthy. However, this only applies if the lawn is untreated. However, if the lawn or that of your neighbors is fertilized, or if there is a potential risk of chemicals for other reasons, the grass-eating is risky for your fur nose. In this case, it is safer to reserve a bowl or bed of cat grass for your cat. For house cats, it is generally a good idea to provide them with a bowl of cat grass. This is particularly advisable if your house tiger tends to chew houseplants. Some of these can be toxic.

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