Red list: the most endangered species in the world

Red list: the most endangered species in the world

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The ruthless behavior of humans puts many species at risk of extinction. In the photo gallery we present five of the most endangered animal species in the world. These fascinating creatures will soon no longer exist if the greedy activity of pet dealers and environmental offenders is not stopped. The whale shark is the largest fish still alive, but a friendly companion who mainly feeds on plankton - Shutterstock / Krzysztof Odziomek

The whale shark is the largest fish still alive, but a friendly companion who mainly feeds on plankton - Shutterstock / Krzysztof Odziomek Some members of the Schleichkatzen family are considered to be in danger of extinction, such as the Großfleck-Zibetkatze and the Fleckenroller - Shutterstock / trubavin Another relative of our domestic cat: The rust cat is only on the pre-warning list in 2016, but is still at risk - Shutterstock / Vladimir Wrangel This cute guy is a southern pudu; unfortunately the little deer is also on the advance warning list - Shutterstock / Robbie Taylor Despite the high life expectancy of around 100 years, Galápagos giant tortoises are also at risk - Shutterstock / SL-Photography

Unfortunately, professional hunting for animals has a long tradition. As early as the 17th century, rare animal species were found in the wild in order to keep them as exclusive pets. But not only the exotic animals themselves, but also their body parts are traded as valuable prestige objects - think for example of the ivory of elephants.

Endangered species on the red list

The Galápagos giant tortoise, for example, is one of the endangered species among the reptiles on the Red List. Five subspecies of this giant tortoise with the long life expectancy are considered to be already extinct, others like the Santiago giant tortoise are threatened with extinction. The famous Pinta giant turtle Lonesome George, who died in the Galapagos National Park at around 100 years old, was the last of its kind, but 17 more Pinta turtles have been found. If the whale shark was only endangered on the 2015 red list, it is classified as endangered on the 2016 list. It is the largest fish still alive and can reach a length of up to 13.7 meters. These sharks are harmless to humans because they feed on plankton and other small creatures in the sea. Similar to the giant tortoises, they can live up to 100 years. They take it easy with reproduction and only start doing it between the ages of ten and 30.

Various members of the Schleichkatzen family are also on the red list. While the spotted roller and the large-spotted civet are now threatened with extinction, the stocks of the Indian civet and the gold musangs have recovered from 2015 to 2016. Sneak cats belong to the feline species and are therefore distant relatives of our domestic cats. Another family member of the feline is the rust cat - she is a cousin of the Bengal cat and lives in India and Sri Lanka. In 2015 it was still considered very endangered, in 2016 it is only on the advance warning list. This also applies to the southern pudu, a small deer species that is only a little larger than a domestic cat with a shoulder height of 35 to 38 centimeters. Illegal hunting, displacement by foreign deer species and the destruction of their habitat, however, still cause problems for the little deer.

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  • 10-06-2014 09:06:50

    sabineschul: That is sad. I didn't even know that there was a red list. I hope that these wonderful animal species will remain with us for a long time. Report abuse
  • 13-03-2014 23:03:18

    lauragartne: Is there a red list for animals? I find that really interesting. So many animals in the world are threatened with extinction. I think that's really very bad. We humans should do a lot more to prevent animals from extinct. Report abuse
  • person

    23-12-2013 20:12:37

    johannawechseller: It's a shame that this beautiful animal must be afraid to die out just so that the fishermen can get their prey. Sad that there are endangered species at all. In my opinion, the tiger is one of the most endangered species. Such a beautiful animal. Report abuse


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