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The command "pull": hang laundry and open drawers

The command "pull": hang laundry and open drawers

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Your dog loves to help you around the house and likes to learn? Then the "pull" command is just right for him. This means that he can not only help you with hanging the laundry, but can even help you take them off if necessary. The command "pull" can not only be used by dog ​​owners if they play with their four-legged friends - Shutterstock / Kulemza Maxim & Krasheninnikova Alina

The practicality of the "pull" command is shown above all by moments when people are handicapped - regardless of whether they are temporary or permanent. Then your dog can prove to be a rescue in need. If, for example, you can no longer use your hand or your entire arm properly after an accident, your four-legged friend can literally extend your paw. Or he simply has fun helping you - then both sides benefit from this special dog education. But how do you best teach your four-legged friend the "pull" command?

How to prepare the first "pull" exercises

For training, find a place with a soft surface where nothing can rattle or clatter. Otherwise your four-legged friend might get frightened at the first attempts and then no longer feel like continuing. Your dog should learn the command "pull" quickly and easily using his favorite toy. You also need an object that your four-legged friend can pull later, such as a basket or a drinks crate. However, make sure that the object corresponds to the size of your fur nose. Small dogs should start with something lighter than a water bottle. You also need a rope for the training to work. Attach the toy to one end of the rope and the object that your four-legged friend should pull on the other. Now the exercise can start.

Give the command at the right time

As soon as your dog approaches its toy and puts it in its mouth, say the command "pull" - even if the object does not move or only moves minimally. If the object has already moved a few centimeters, you can praise your four-legged friend. Repeat this exercise until your dog understands the principle and slowly but surely increase the distance that he has to cover with his toy in his mouth. At the beginning you can also accompany your dog and, if necessary, pull the rope a little to support it.

Practice creates masters

Over time, your loyal companion will have internalized the "pull" command so that he no longer needs his toy as motivation. Instead, give the command "pull" and point to the object that your four-legged friend should pull - and your dog obeys. But remember: he won't learn all of this in one day. Practice with him in several small units.

Unimagined possibilities open up

If your dog has mastered the "pull" command, you can integrate your four-legged friend into the household. For example, attach a rope to a drawer and give the command "pull". You can then help yourself without having to shake hands. Or you give the command and point to items of laundry that dry on the leash: with a little practice, your dog will pull the clothes off the leash. If your four-legged friend is really smart, they can even help you undress if you have a broken arm or broken leg, for example. It can pull on the trouser leg or sweater sleeve, for example, so that you can "wriggle" out of the garment more easily. But never forget: After completing your work, praise your helper with an extensive petting unit.


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