Hovawart: character and characteristics

The Hovawart is considered a "surprise package" among the four-legged friends. The character and characteristics of the dog are very diverse, due to the different breeds that have been crossed in it. This cute Hovawart has a particularly faithful dog look - Shutterstock / Barbora Peskova

His temperament is not always the same: the Hovawart is sometimes sporty, sometimes calm and sometimes more "stubborn". It combines wonderfully strong characteristics that have been crossed from several different breeds. It is said to have qualities from the German Shepherd, Kuvacz, Newfoundland, Mountain Dog and Leonberger. At the crossroads, the aim was to win over a brave and clever "patron" who looked after the farm in farms - and it was a success.

Hovawart: The characteristics of the four-legged friend

The Hovawart is a real feast for the eyes with its long, slightly wavy fur and its aesthetic, powerful build. It is medium in size with a withers height of up to 70 centimeters and its fur is colored black, blonde or black with blonde markings. The bright specimens of this breed can look similar to the Golden Retriever. A cute bushy tail adorns its robust body. These four-legged friends are persistent and tough. Hovawarts are exemplary guard and guard dogs, because the graceful journeyman are also very brave, smart and willing to work.

The pronounced protective instinct is also reflected in the name of the breed: Hovawart comes from the Middle High German and means court guard. Distrust of strangers lies in his blood, which has always favored his work as a guard. In Germany, the Hovawart has been an officially recognized breed since 1937. It proves to be very resistant to diseases and has a life expectancy of around 12 years.

The Hovawart: A smart, watchful dog

Character traits of the Hovawarts

This gorgeous guy has his head held high. In addition to his elegant appearance, he shows a confident, spirited appearance. The Hovawart is alert, extremely intelligent and absolutely energetic. Sporty and active people find their peers on four paws. With a good upbringing, the Hovawart becomes a devoted, well-behaved and loyal companion. He is a good candidate to take the place as a family dog ​​or best friend. When kept appropriately, the Hovawart is balanced, playful and there is hardly any hunting instinct to be felt in it. Due to its smartness, it is also suitable for various dog sports - it is often a lot of fun.

Dog lovers quickly fall in love with the beautiful boy. But even if it is appealing: its strong characteristics also give it a high degree of self-confidence and individuality. A particularly striking characteristic of Hovawarts is actually its "stubbornness". If he gets into the care of inexperienced and insecure dog owners, it can be difficult with the upbringing.

Hovawart: Raising the beautiful working dog

The beautiful, elegant guardian should be trained in raising a high hazard stimulus threshold so that excessive territorial behavior does not occur. The four-legged friend tends to do this on his own farm. Its owner must be able to show him when his courage and fighting spirit are needed.

If socialization is poor, going for a walk can also be a challenge. Here too, strong, influential but equally loving leadership is required. For an important position like that of a guardian, the four-legged friend ultimately needs a respectful demeanor, which mainly male dogs possess. This makes it difficult for some to raise and deal with this breed. Especially when the puppies are as cute as in the video:

Talk to the breeder

If you want a four-legged friend with very specific characteristics, talk extensively with the breeders about their breeding goals. Most of the time there is a certain nature that the dog breeders are targeting. In addition, the breeders should have carried out dog tests with their animals.

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