Tierpark Berlin: Polar bear baby Hertha conquers the heart

Tierpark Berlin: Polar bear baby Hertha conquers the heart

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Polar bear Tonja is a new mom. With her little polar bear girl Hertha, she goes on a discovery tour on the grounds of the Berlin zoo - much to the delight of the visitors. Because they finally get to see the sweet offspring.

Big appearance for a little polar bear lady Hertha: Berlin's cutest new addition to the zoo has ventured outdoors. The little one followed his mother a little clumsily at every turn.

And polar bear Tonja? She is fully absorbed in her mother role and does not let Baby Hertha out of her sight. A polar bear girl and her mom - a sight that no one can avoid.

Swimming seems to be particularly popular with young polar bears. At least one other video of the Berlin zoo shows this impressively:

The technology is not yet fully developed, but after all it is difficult to start. And coming out of the water is also not easy for Hertha the polar bear baby. Fortunately, Mama Tonja is there. Simply dearest!


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