Dental care for dogs: this is how the teeth stay healthy

Dental care for dogs: this is how the teeth stay healthy

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Healthy teeth are also vital for four-legged friends. Dental care for dogs is therefore essential. Because the little whites are not only necessary for eating, they also serve as weapons, hunting tools and to deter opponents. Neglecting dental care in dogs can lead to serious illnesses. Your veterinarian will be happy to show you how to best do dental care for dogs - Shutterstock / Billion Photos

Not only people, dogs also need dental care; otherwise there is a risk of periodontitis, gingivitis and tooth decay. The following tips reveal how you can brush your dog's teeth and support them in dental health.

Dental care for dogs: that's why it's so important

Healthy teeth are especially necessary for eating. If the four-legged friend's bites are no longer intact, this creates a number of other problems. On the one hand, the dog's body does not get enough nutrients from chewed food; on the other hand, the large chunks of food can promote diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, if dental diseases are not recognized and treated, the teeth can fall out or dangerous infections can occur.

Dental care for dogs can be this delicious

Delicious dog snacks are not only a welcome change for your four-legged friend, because they are good ...

Signs of unhealthy teeth in the dog

Have your four-legged friend "show your teeth" regularly. Look for visual signs of unhealthy teeth like:

● Yellowish-brownish deposits
● Bright red gums
● Bleeding gums
● Excessive saliva production

A change in eating behavior or a bad smelling breath also indicate a progressive disease of the dentition.

Tips for dental care in dogs: How to keep your teeth healthy

Even in puppies, dogs should be accustomed to dental care in a playful way, so that it becomes a routine in adulthood. Dental care for dogs can be carried out with toothbrush and toothpaste just like yourself. It is best to let the vet show you how you can brush your animal companion's teeth.

Specialist retailers have special toothbrushes in various sizes and shapes (including finger toothbrushes) as well as dog-compatible toothpaste. Another tip: toothpaste for dogs is also available in different flavors. How about chicken or fish? Then your four-legged friend will enjoy dental care much more.

In the following video you can see how you can take care of your dog's teeth:

Support dental care for dogs with proper nutrition

Tooth plaque and tartar as precursors to tooth decay and periodontitis can partly be prevented with the right nutrition. In the case of industrially manufactured complete feed, you have to look very carefully at the list of ingredients. Among the ingredients are "sugar", "molasses" or "glucose syrup" - hands off! Dogs do not need sugar and the like at all and it is poison for dental health.

You are on the safe side when you bail your dog. You should first discuss with your veterinarian which nutrients and what composition your four-legged friend needs, as well as obtain comprehensive information - then you can optimally adapt his menu with raw meat and suitable additives to his needs. By tearing the pieces of meat with your teeth, they are already pre-cleaned, so that plaques do not deposit so easily. Chewing toys or special chewing sticks can also be useful, especially for young dogs changing teeth. These massage the gums and can also prevent plaque.

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