English Bulldog Habitat

English Bulldog Habitat

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The English Bulldog is a lovable and attractive breed, but it is also very sensitive to environmental factors and requires a cool, relatively calm environment for the good of its health.


According to Eng Bulldogs, overheating is a major health risk to the bulldog's health, due to its susceptibility to breathing problems. Because dogs do not have sweat glands, panting is their way of cooling down, so when bulldogs cannot pant efficiently, overheating is more likely to occur. Therefore, bulldogs are best kept as indoor pets, where air-conditioning can prevent overheating.


Conversely, bulldogs can also be sensitive to cold, as they easily chill, according to Dog Breed Info. A temperate climate is best, and you should provide the dog with blankets so that it can burrow and keep warm if necessary.

Small Spaces

Bulldogs tire easily and do not require much activity. In fact, too much activity can exacerbate their breathing problems, so a small apartment is just fine as an English Bulldog environment.

Preventing Dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis is a skin disease, like a rash, that bulldogs can get from touching certain materials. warns that certain antibiotics, nickel, rubber, wool and certain dyes and carpet deodorizers can all be potential triggers, so you may want to keep the bulldog's habitat clear of these potential triggers.


Like with any pet, you want to keep anything potentially dangerous out of the dog's reach, such as sharp objects or chocolate, which is lethal to dogs. Keeping the habitat relatively contained can help you achieve this, and the bulldog's relatively inactive nature will allow you to do this. Just be sure to take the dog for a daily walk to give it some exercise.


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