Famous Beagle Names

Famous Beagle Names

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Beagles are cute rabbit-hunting dogs with happy-go-lucky personalities. You might have heard of some famous beagles, both real and fictional.

A World Famous Beagle

The most famous beagle name of all is Snoopy from Charles Schulz's famous comic strip, "Peanuts." This white and black versatile pup, who loved his bird friend Woodstock, belonged to Charlie Brown. Snoopy came from the fictional Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.

Even More Beagles

A famous beagle pair belonged to President Lyndon B. Johnson. Their names were Him and Her. The president received some heat for picking up Him by the ears. Odie, of Garfield comic strip fame, was a beagle. And though not a real beagle dog, Charles Darwin's ship was named the HMS Beagle.


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