Grooming long hair: This keeps the dog hair beautiful

Long-haired dog breeds need regular coat care so that the dog stays healthy and the dog hair stays beautiful. Matting is not only uncomfortable for the animal, it can also cause skin problems. Those who do not take care of the dog's fur care also run the risk of not discovering parasites in time. Here you will find tips on the proper care of long-haired four-legged friends. "Who wants to brush my beautiful long fur?", Seems to want to know this cute Samoyed - Shutterstock / Grigorita Ko

Depending on the dog breed and hair structure, grooming takes a different amount of time and effort from the dog owner. As a rule, you should comb or brush your long-haired four-legged friend several times a week. Make sure that the brushes and combs used are pleasantly soft and do not hurt the animal.

Long hair care: choose combs & brushes correctly

Care utensils with natural bristles or adequately coated wire bristles are best suited. They gently remove the loose hair without pulling or scratching. During the change of fur in autumn and spring, you should support your dog every day in getting rid of excess hair. In this case, an additional fine-toothed comb is useful.

The best dog brushes for grooming

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Do long-haired dogs have to bathe more often?

You should only bathe your dog when it is absolutely necessary - this also applies to four-legged friends with long fur. A quick dip every now and then after your pet has wallowed in the dirt is fine. However, only use shampoos suitable for dogs and only for stubborn soiling. Lukewarm water is often enough to remove the dirt. It is important that you do not irritate the sensitive skin of your animal companion too much.

However, if your dog is constantly wallowing in the mud, you should try to prevent it - or avoid muddy puddles on your walk. Because even with mild dog shampoo, the sensitive skin of the four-legged friends cannot stand a weekly bath.

Bathing dogs: How to do it right

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When is a visit to the dog groomer necessary?

Once a year, every long-haired four-legged friend should also go to the hairdresser. In addition to grooming, the dog groomer also takes care of your pet's claws, ears and paws. In addition, the specialist will be happy to give you tips on how to improve dog fur care at home. For example, you can shorten the tufts of fur on your paws between your toes at home.

However, you should leave the more complicated dog hairstyles to the professional before you accidentally injure your dog with the scissors or use the wrong tools. Regular trimming of the fur is necessary for wire-haired dog breeds. The experienced dog groomer will be happy to take care of that too.

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