How to Keep Dogs' Fur Untangled

How to Keep Dogs' Fur Untangled

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The biggest challenge to keeping your dog's fur tangle-free is making time to comb him out regularly. The good news is, once you establish the habit of regular grooming and your dog gets used to the process, you can typically groom him in 10 to 15 minutes. This is good bonding time, and you will be surprised at how effortless the grooming is once you establish the routine.

Step 1

Spray your dog with detangler or conditioning spray. These sprays soften the coat and make it easier to remove tangles. They also wet down the hair, which prevents loose hair from flying all over the place while you are grooming your pup.

Step 2

Remove any existing tangles with your fingers or the metal comb. Pick the tangle loose from either side, working toward the middle of the knot. Take your time, pulling the hairs loose a few at a time, until the tangle is out. Run a comb or brush through the hair to make sure the tangle is completely removed.

Step 3

Use a slicker brush or metal comb to work through your dog's coat. A soft-bristle brush will not penetrate to the skin, which is necessary to remove all the tangles. Be gentle; you don't want to scrape your dog's skin, you want to comb from the base of the hair shaft right to the end. Comb through a small section at a time.

Step 4

Pay special attention to tangle-prone areas, like the area where your dog's legs attach to his body, under his collar and at the base of his ears. Some long-haired breeds may tangle under the front legs; Many long-haired dogs with particularly thick coats may tangle just about anywhere, especially if they spend much time romping in brush.

Step 5

Finish up by brushing a final time through your dog's entire coat. If you hit any snags or tangles, stop what you are doing and work the tangle loose.

Items You Will Need

  • Detangler or conditioning spray
  • Metal comb or slicker brush

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