Normal Pulse Rate for Puppies

Normal Pulse Rate for Puppies

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It’s important that your puppy's heart rate is healthy. To check his heart rate, you must know what a normal pulse rate for a puppy is.

Normal Heart Rate

The normal pulse rate for a human is 60 beats per minute; your puppy’s is much faster. A healthy puppy pulse rate is around 220 bpm. As he grows, his heart rate will slow. Toy breeds level out around 180 bpm; medium-size dogs, around 160 bpm; giant breeds, around 140.

Checking Puppy's Pulse

Check a puppy's heart rate by placing your hand over his chest and counting how many times his heart beats in 15 seconds,using a stopwatch. Multiply by 4. Or gently press your fingers on the inside top of his back leg. Always check after he's been resting. In order to know what is normal for your pup, check his pulse a few days in a row and take an average.

Rapid Heart Rate

Tachycardia is a too-fast heartbeat. Its causes are pain, stress, congestive heart failure, shock, anemia, infection, dehydration or blood clot. If you determine your pet's pulse rate is high, consult a vet.

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