Orthopedic Beds for Dogs

Orthopedic Beds for Dogs

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Getting older can mean aches and pain in hips and joints even for our canine friends. Orthopedic dog beds can provide a better cushion for hips and joints so Max can wake up without feeling achy.

Why Choose an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

For dogs who experience deterioration of their joints as they age, sleeping positions that put a lot of weight on hips or joints can cause more aching and inflammation. Orthopedic dog beds aren't just for seniors -- they can benefit dogs with other conditions of the hips and joints. Dogs prone to hip dysplasia may benefit from orthopedic beds. Your dog may be suffering from pain if he is slow getting up or has swollen joints. Limping and difficulty climbing stairs also may be attributed to joint pain.

Memory Foam

Dog beds made of memory foam can offer comforting relief for aching joints. Memory foam works by changing shape in response to body temperature. As your dog lies on the memory foam, the foam will change shape to mold itself around your dog's body and becoming softer in areas where the most pressure is being placed on it. This provides comfort to area such as the spine, hips and joints.

Heat Therapy

Temperature can make a world of difference for aching joints. Orthopedic dog beds that provide heat therapy also may be made of memory foam to provide ultimate comfort to achy canines. If opting for a heated bed, look for one that provides uniform heat throughout the bed. The heat should run at a low setting to avoid injury or burns. Heat works to treat arthritic joints by increasing circulation to the area, thus reducing stiffness and swelling.


Some orthopedic dog beds are elevated off the floor to keep your dog's body out of contact with hard surfaces. While some dogs enjoy lounging around on cool tiles, this can be problematic for already achy joints. The hard surfaces can encourage stiffness and aching in their joints. Thick padding and springs within the mattress will prevent hard surfaces below from irritating Max's joints.


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