Giving heads in cats: what is it all about?

Giving heads in cats: what is it all about?

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Nudge! Does your cat bump your head again, maybe rubbing your cheek? Giving heads in cats is a typical behavior, towards people as well as other people or objects such as furniture. But why do our salon lions rub their faces so "through the area"? Cats communicate via their fragrances, which they distribute among other things via glands on the face - Shutterstock / fantom_rd

Strange cat behavior is nothing new for cat owners - the fur noses have habits that we humans often do not understand. Rubbing the cat's head on our legs and hands is one of them. One thing is certain: Cats don't just give their heads for no reason.

Giving brains in cats as a sign of trust

Cats have pheromone glands in various parts of their bodies. Pheromones, special messenger substances, are used by the animals for communication and marking, among other things. Giving heads in cats can have several possible meanings. For example, a kitty distributes her pheromones to you - for example, on your legs or hands - by marking your head to mark you, as it were, as trusting, safe and good. So it's more than a sign of acceptance and affection, it's kind of a loving brand, as if your cat would say, "You belong to me because you have my fragrances on you."

What if your cat doesn't poke you? No problem, my cat researcher - if your cat does not give his head, it does not necessarily mean that she does not love you. The animals have several ways of capturing others - it may just not be your cat's way of signaling affection and attachment through head rubbing.

Giving brains as a search for attention

Giving heads in cats can also have a different reason. Some house tigers occasionally nudge their heart people because they simply want their attention. You have learned that people respond happily to this cute form of body language, and you may want to get a few pats or minutes of play with loved ones.

Cat throws buttocks up: why?

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When cats nudge peers

You will surely have seen how your cat rubs her pout on a conspecific species or sniffs it closely. As mentioned above, physical contact serves as a means of communication. For example, friendly cats greet each other with nostrils. They smell each other in order to recognize the other by their fragrances - every cat has its own unique mix of pheromones that needs to be explored. Among other things, the pheromones can be used to find out the mood of the other person or to see where the other person was just hanging around.

Cats also mark objects

A cat's home or certain favorite places are also not safe before giving their heads. The salon lions like to mark their territory with their fragrances and distribute them over the glands on their bodies. Head, lips, paws, buttocks - any area with which fragrances can be distributed can be used to mark furniture, doors, walls and other objects.

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