Memory of cats: how good is the cat's memory?

Memory of cats: how good is the cat's memory?

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Cats are clever animals, that is out of the question for the friends of the velvet paws. But what about cat memory? Do the miezis remember, for example, which people they particularly like and which they don't? Does the little cat later remember the protective hands of her human? - Shutterstock / Vinogradov Illya

Does cat memory work much like people's memories? Can cats also save pictures and episodes from their past that can be recalled? Unfortunately, it is not possible to read the thoughts of the mysterious cuddly tigers. But there are a few clues to the function of the cat's memory to uncover the mystery.

Cat memory stores useful information

Cats are first and foremost very pragmatic, which means that they primarily remember things that are useful to them. For example, your cat stores in her memory where her bowl and toilet are, when her owner normally fills her bowl with food and where the cat flap is. Motor cat memory is also very good. Her kitty knows exactly: If she lifts her front paws over an obstacle, she must do the same with her rear paws.

In addition, your fur nose stores important information about your area and your home in your cat's memory. For example, she remembers which dogs in the neighborhood can be dangerous to her or which fellow species she should better avoid.

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Do cats remember people?

Sometimes cats seem to recognize people they haven't seen in a while. If, for example, the adult daughter comes by on a family visit, who knows the kitty from kitty paws and who used to play with her a lot or feed her often, it usually doesn't take long before the room tiger strokes her legs.

Conversely, the memory of cats can apparently also be saved if certain people have treated them badly. As soon as such a person comes across the kitty again, the velvet paw creeps up. In the worst case, it can even lead to an anxiety disorder. The question now is whether your cat stores certain smells, noises, voices and visual characteristics consciously or unconsciously in her cat memory. Does the kitty react spontaneously when it perceives familiar scents, sounds or characteristics or does it know that it remembers something? The answer to this will probably remain a mystery.


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