Persian cat: tips for eye care

Persian cat: tips for eye care

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Healthy cats usually do not need help with eye care. Persian cats can be an exception - at least if they suffer from watery eyes. Read here why the velvet paws are susceptible to this problem and how their owners can support them. The cat's eye area should always be clean and well-groomed - Image: Shutterstock / SSokolov

Persian cats are characterized by their rather short nose, flat face and large, round eyes - the more pronounced these physical characteristics are, the more likely pedigree cats are likely to have health problems. This applies especially to the area around the eyes of the velvet paws. Fortunately, many breeders are now responsible and do not breed highly Persian traits. If you still have a more classic Persian type at home - for example from an animal shelter - your cat may develop eye problems and need a little extra care.

Caring for watery eyes regularly

The flatter the face and the shorter the nose of a Persian cat, the greater the likelihood that the tear-nasal canal is kinked, which means that the tear fluid cannot drain properly. In this case, the excess tear fluid flows out of the eyes. Through the constantly watery eyes, tears, discoloration and crusts can form under the eyes of the cat. To remove them, it is best to take a clean, lint-free cloth and moisten it with lukewarm water. Then gently wipe the area under the eyes from the eye towards the nose. You can repeat this procedure daily, carefully removing slight incrustations with your fingers.

More tips for eye care of the Persian cat

So that your Persian cat keeps nice and quiet while cleaning the eyes and may even find the care unit to be pleasant, it is best if you, as a kitten, get used to the touch around the eye. Simply stroke her around the eyes in the cuddle units and praise her when she is good.

It is also important that you keep a close eye on your pet. If your eyes are swollen, your cat is constantly blinking, or if the tears are white or yellow, you should go to the vet as soon as possible, because eye injuries and eye diseases can have serious consequences and should therefore be treated promptly.

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