My dog ate a frog

My dog ate a frog

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My dog ate a frog and it made him sick and fat" "But his stomach hurt and he started to poop little bits of frog all the time" "I thought it was a little weird and gross." "But then a friend of mine suggested I use frog skin to make a really cool pr of shoes" "It was pretty good." "I was saving up my money to buy my mother a car" "I figured she'd need one to get around." "Then my father came back home one day." "You're working for me now, boy." "He fired me." "He didn't think I was old enough." "He sd I was like a baby." "That didn't seem right to me." "He started hitting me and yelling at me" "He sd he didn't want me talking to anybody" "That I was too stupid to even talk to a girl" "He sd the whole reason I had a job was so I could buy him a new house" "I just couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do" "I was only twelve, you know" "My parents got divorced when I was eight" "So..." "I was feeling a little bit sad about that." "I'm only joking" "So, anyway" "I was feeling a little down one day, when I was about to enter the school for the first time" "I met a guy" "I had a friend." "We were going to the school together" "He had a lot of friends." "I was the only one he invited me to his birthday party." "I went, and I met his family." "They were all really nice" "His dad liked to drink" "He didn't seem to like me much." "Then his mom was really nice to me" "She gave me a lollipop." "She was a really good lollipop lady" "They invited me over and told me to have a good time" "We played some videogames." "I won all the time" "They told me to try the beer." "I didn't drink any" "They told me to play pool." "I didn't know how to play pool." "I don't like beer." "I don't like pool." "It was okay" "I got to know all the people pretty well." "They were all really nice to me" "I didn't really want to go home." "But it was getting a little late." "I had to go home soon" "I remember I just sat on the couch for a long time" "He kept talking about stuff he didn't want me to know." "Stuff about his family, stuff about his dad." "It was really scary" "And then I heard his mom scream" "Then, I saw his mom run out of the room and his dad chase her" "And then I heard a gunshot" "The gun went off in the kitchen" "And then I heard the thump." "And then I saw his dad fall on the floor" "He looked so..." "He looked like a puppet." "He looked like a doll" "I was really confused." "I was in such a bad mood" "So, I thought I was funny" "I made up some weird stuff to make him look bad" "Like..." "I pretended he was cheating on his wife" "I made up this fake diary with stuff about her and stuff about his family" "And then I sd stuff about his dad" "And then..." "I sd I would show the diary to the teacher" "So, I showed it to the teacher and I was really good at this" "I thought it was very funny" "It was my first time telling someone what I thought about them" "And then I saw his dad on the floor." "He was really still" "Then I saw his mom on the floor" "He looked the same as his dad." "She was just lying there" "I didn't know what to do" "I was so confused." "I kept thinking..." "I was wondering what happened" "It was my first time feeling like that." "But it was okay because they were dead" "It was the best day of my life" "I was very happy" "When I was a child, my mom and dad used to fight a lot." "They would always say bad things to each other" "One time, my dad even kicked my mom and broke her jaw" "I really miss my parents." "My mom and dad used to live next door to me" "They used to take me with them wherever they went." "They were always nice to me" "They taught me how to dance and how to play the piano" "I really love my mom and dad" "My mom was the one who told me that a guy and a girl can't be friends." "I never thought of it before" "I used to go to my mom's house whenever I wanted" "We'd watch TV and she'd make me food" "She was so nice" "When I was nine years old" "She told me that she was getting married to my father" "And that she would be leaving home soon." "My mom was going to live with my father and she didn't want me to see them anymore." "She sd they would be leaving the country." "She didn't tell me when they would be coming back" "My mom told me that my father was her first love" "He was the most important person in her life" "And that they were going to live happily ever after" "I didn't understand what was going on." "I started to cry." "My mom told me I wasn't allowed to see my dad anymore." "I thought that I had to pretend I never met him before" "When my mom got married to my dad" "She told me they were going to have a big wedding." "She sd we would make a big cake and wear pretty dresses" "It didn't seem like the same house." "Everything was all messed up" "When I was six years old, my parents divorced" "My father left home" "He was angry with

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