I fed the dog

I fed the dog

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I fed the dog tonight." "What, uh, what happened to your arm?" "It's nothing." "I-I just banged it a little bit." "That's it." "I'm gonna go check on the kids." "Okay, okay." "Hey, hey, hey." "Wait." "Hey." "I-I'm gonna make you some tea, and you're gonna take one." "You got it?" "Okay." "Yeah." "Okay." "Come on." "Come on." "I'm so glad you're home." "I-I brought you some tea." "It'll get you warm." "It'll make you feel better." "I'll get your jacket." "I'll get your jacket." "What the hell is this?" "What are you doing here?" "What's this about, Mary?" "What's this about?" "What the hell is this?" "Oh, my God." "Okay." "You're not going anywhere." "You're in a lot of trouble." "You have the right to remain silent." "What is this?" "And you have the right to an attorney." "You have the right to an attorney." "Who are you?" "You said you're a friend of Mary's." "She said you were a friend of her parents." "I've never seen you before." "Mary had nothing to do with this." "This is about Mary, isn't it?" "This is about your feelings for her." "Look, if this is some weird coincidence, fine." "That happens." "You believe this woman?" "My son is upstairs." "I didn't touch him." "You stay here." "I'll be back in a second." "Okay." "All right, come here." "All right, come here." "Come here." "Mary... okay, come here." "Okay, take her to the house." "I'll take care of this." "Please." "This is my son's house." "He's at his lacrosse game." "Don't do this to me." "Please." "Please, he needs you right now." "What are you doing?" "No." "No!" "What are you doing?" "!" "Please, stop." "He's waiting for you." "Wait." "He's waiting for you." "He's waiting for you." "Who is?" "He's upstairs." "He's upstairs." "He's waiting for you." "How do you know this?" "Because I love you." "No." "No, you don't." "How do I know you love me?" "Why are you doing this?" "Huh?" "Why are you doing this?" "What, what?" "What do you want?" "I want..." "Mary... what, what do you want?" "What?" "I want the truth." "I want the truth." "I want the truth." "Mary." "Mary." "I want you to go away." "You go away." "You go away." "Mary." "Come on, Mary." "You go away." "Go away." "You're nothing, Frank." "Nothing." "You don't do anything." "You don't do anything." "Nothing." "Mary." "Mary, come on." "No!" "Oh, God." "Frank, you were right." "Okay, it's all right." "It's all right, I was wrong." "I was wrong." "You were right, okay?" "Please, let me explain." "You were right, okay?" "It's all right, I was wrong." "Listen, I want..." "Please, you have to trust me." "Please, please, please, please trust me." "You have to trust me." "You're everything to me." "You're everything." "You're everything to me." "Frank, I want to go." "No." "You have to stay here." "You have to stay here." "We need to talk." "You've got to be honest with me." "I want the truth." "I want the truth." "Listen." "This is a mistake, okay?" "This is a mistake." "Just forget what I said." "Just forget what I said." "Forget what I said." "Frank, you're gonna be great." "You're gonna be great." "I'm gonna be great." "Frank." "I'll be..." "Frank, you're gonna be great." "You're gonna be great." "I'll be great, okay?" "I'll be great." "I'm gonna be great." "Look at this." "Look at this." "It's a miracle." "It's a miracle." "I don't believe it." "Let's put him on there." "Yeah, I think it's a miracle." "The Lord is my Shepherd." "Frank." "Hey, listen." "The guy at the house said he was just gone." "No one came back." "Do you have any idea what happened to my car?" "Because I don't." "Do you have any idea what happened to my car?" "I don't know." "You're scaring me, okay?" "I don't know, but I've got a surprise for you." "Come on." "I'll explain." "It'll make you feel better." "What?" "This is all I could find." "What's the matter?" "You scared?" "It's okay." "It's okay." "There's nothing to be afraid of." "I've been meaning to ask you about those, those names." "What's your middle name?" "My middle name?" "It's Christine." "Mine's Eve." "Christine." "I like that." "You must have been so pretty." "What are you talking about?" "You must have been beautiful." "No, I wasn't." "You've gotta be careful, all right?" "He said he'd kill us if he ever saw me again." "I guess he wasn't so wrong." "Why'd you do that?" "I know you're scared, and I know you're lonely." "I just wanna be your friend." "I wanna help you." "Are you scared?" "I'm terrified, but I wanna try." "It's gonna be okay." "I know it is." "So I'll see you tomorrow." "Don't." "It's okay." "I can't see." "Okay." "Let me just fix your eyes a little bit." "Are you sure?" "Yeah, I'm sure." "Okay, and I'm gonna turn them off now, so you can't see at all." "You promise?" "Yeah, I promise." "Okay." "Okay." "There you go." "And now I'm gonna lift you up a little bit, okay?" "Okay." "There you go." "There you go." "So you're not gonna be scared anymore, right?" "I won't be scared." "Right, then." "And I love you." "I know." "You've gotta be careful." "You've gotta be careful, okay?" "What if someone sees us?" "It's okay." "Are you sure?" "I'm sure." "Okay." "Come here." "Come here." "Come here." "Come here." "Just go like that." "Can I see?" "No, I said no." "I wanna see." "Are you sure?" "I said no." "I know, but I just wanna see." "No, you can't see." "I can't?" "No, you

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