Can you give a dog tylenol for pain

Can you give a dog tylenol for pain

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Can you give a dog tylenol for pain? My puppy was just given tylenol for the first time and she has a horrible rash. She is fine now, but I don't know if there is something else we should give her. She is a very healthy puppy and we had all the shots already

Can you give a dog tylenol for pain? My puppy was just given tylenol for the first time and she has a horrible rash. She is fine now, but I don't know if there is something else we should give her. She is a very healthy puppy and we had all the shots already

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The problem with a puppy with some kind of problem is that there is really no such thing as a routine. With the puppy you have now, is there an opportunity for the puppy to have been stressed/moved/puppy shaken? Could it be a skin problem from the puppy shaking itself? Could it be a food allergy? Puppies are the easiest to "fool". If you haven't done all the puppy vaccines by now, then you're going to be giving a number of shots again with a puppy of any age. There's a good chance that even something as seemingly benign as a tick can make your puppy miserable for days, if not longer. Also, depending on how old the puppy is, you may be dealing with a potential ear infection. And what about that first time the puppy will have to go in for a dental? It's really easy to forget that teeth are something that need to be brushed, and even with the best possible circumstances, it can be painful for the dog.

As a dog owner, you've always been able to trust your vet to know what's best. With a puppy, you're basically starting all over again, so it's a good idea to pay as much attention as possible to your vet's advice.

I always make it a point to tell people that when it comes to a puppy, a vet should be like your best friend. They should know you and your dog better than you know yourself. Just as if someone had to go to the doctor and say, "I'm having a problem with my back/your stomach/your legs." When your vet says something, it should be a trusted part of your life that you can have confidence in.


You've made the decision to get your puppy, which we're sure was an exciting one! But it's not over yet. As exciting and as big as the experience of owning your puppy is, it can also be as overwhelming as dealing with a new baby. Owners quickly realize that the daily care of a puppy requires a significant amount of time and attention, especially in the early weeks. Of course, the time and effort involved depend on the size of your Englischer Hund, but this remains true. How lucky your pup will be to have you as his/her caregiver.


Cleanliness is a major factor in puppy health. By cleaning the area around your puppy's kennel, you will be helping the puppy develop healthy bad habits. A puppy that is constantly isolated, locked up (without human contact) in a dark cage, will develop bad habits that will last throughout his life. Some of these bad habits include the feeling of scarcity (not enough to eat), jumping (often causing floor damage), destroying the puppy's cage, and so on. Your puppy needs to learn the "art" of potty training. Most of all, your puppy needs to control his water intake, because excess drinking can lead to your puppy's developing urinary-tract problems.


• Puppies are small—even miniature—and the size of their pens or cages may be inadequate for your puppy's needs, as he grows.

• The bedding for the bed in which an Englischer Hund sleeps should be made of recycled newspaper, as it is the cheapest and least-toxic paper available. If the newspaper is not recycled, the puppy could have an allergic reaction.

• Avoid all raw meats, as they may carry diseases in which the puppy could die if he consumes them. It is safe, however, to give your puppy scraps of cooked meat ( _Hühnersuppe_ ), provided that the meat is cooled and frozen beforehand.

**Your puppy will have to learn to perform his toilet duties outdoors.**


The bond between an Englischer Hund and his master is special. This bond, however, is not a "love affair" but rather a relationship that must be based on respect, trust and commitment.

Your Englischer Hund can expect to live to be 15 years of age.

**If you keep him indoors or under a heat lamp, your puppy will need a spot in which to relieve himself.**

An Englischer Hund is intelligent and sensitive and has to be carefully socialized.

## **PUPPY FUN**

The activities in this section may interest your Englischer Hund, but they are not essential for a pup's first weeks in his new home. Crate training and obedience are essential, though, and these two topics make up the bulk of this book. Every pup will display his own personality, which is determined by genetics and your own personal attitude toward your dog. Likewise, every pup responds to your personal care of him, the consistency of your standards and his family's acceptance of him.

If you are interested in exploring the topic of dog behavior, please review **Available Titles in Your Area**.


You've heard it said that an English Bulldog's coat is water resistant. That's because the Englischer Hund gets a lot of swimming. That's why Englischer Hunds come complete with wet naps—dry dog hair is as bad as wet dog hair.

Puppies are a lot of work! Englischer Hund puppies need you to prepare their new home for them. You must be the first and most enthusiastic supporter. A puppy home should be a safe haven for a lonely and scared Hund. An Englischer Hund needs a lot of human comfort. They need to be welcomed with kisses and welcomed to sleep on the bed. You'll be his only friend and you must be there for him, day and night, for as long as he needs you.

As an adult, you still need to pay attention to your dog's needs. You must be consistent and responsible. A Hund's life is one of routine and a boring Hund can become destructive. Remember to keep a positive attitude while working on your Englischer Hund's behavior. Enjoy this time and know that just as your pup loved his littermates, he will love you.

**This dog was born into a family, but he has been a solo operator all his life.** _(© Linda Humphreys)_


Englischer Hunds, with their large personalities, enjoy big spaces and their own time. They want to run free in their yards and are active at playtime. Their wide-open social skills can put them at risk in a crowded dog park where dogs of every size and temperament live together. Because of their wide-open social skills, Englischer Hunds can get themselves into a bit of trouble.

The wide-open world of Englischer Hunds has lots to offer


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