My dog keeps trying to poop but nothing comes out

My dog keeps trying to poop but nothing comes out

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My dog keeps trying to poop but nothing comes out. We took her to the vet last month and he didn't know what the problem was. The vet gave her a pill to stop the problem. It didn't work. We went back to the vet today because I didn't like the new vet. The new vet has treated her before. He gave her another pill. I thought it would work but she still tried to poop. I got tired of it so I took her to the vet today and he sd to take her to the emergency vet because she is in big trouble.

He sd she has a condition where there is build up of liquid in her intestines. He says she will be fine. If we can get her to the vet she will need surgery to remove some of the liquid and she will be fine. The liquid is causing the problem.

The vet thinks it is going to be hard to get the liquid out because it is so long. He says she will be fine.

I was going to take her in and pay the vet bill but he told me to wt until the vet calls me. I will wt a while before I have the surgery but I am tired of taking her to the vet. She has had the liquid in her system for over a month.

I would like to post this in the "Veterinarian in the news" thread.

I have the same issue with my 2 year old, she has had an over growth of the intestine and every time I take her to the vet she is diagnosed with the exact same thing, she has to have surgery to remove the part where the intestine gets wrapped around her sphincter, then they put her back on antibiotics to clear up the infection and after a few months the intestine heals and it all starts over agn.

i agree with the lady, they do a clean up and then tell you there's no other option. i would call every vet in a fifty mile radius to see what they think. i would definitely tell them that it hurts.


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I just went to my vet the other day and told her that the liquid that came out the other day was just normal because I had an abcess and that it just took out the infection. She gave me a lot of antibiotics.

In the meantime, I stopped eating all of the food that I feed her and just gave her some water and that seemed to help a little.


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I was told by a vet (not my vet) that it was too much liquid in my dog's stomach. She says that if it gets to that amount she doesn't know what will happen to the dog. My dog can barely go to the bathroom and I have to watch what she eats to make sure she's not overloaded. She has a very sensitive stomach and is always underweight (her weight is almost normal now).

As someone who has had dogs, I think I know a lot about this. I think it's the cause of an infection and it sounds like you had an attack that the antibiotics didn't help, so you had another attack and the vet says it's too much liquid and your dog can't take any more. I also think that you may have some kind of food allergy. In that situation, your body is trying to protect you and your dog by saying "Hey, there's something wrong here" and the vet isn't going to want to take any chances.

What I think you should do is take your dog back to the same vet and say that you want to know for sure what it is. I think you may have a food allergy and you have to find a diet that will work for your dog. If you want to know what they are saying is causing it, then I think you need to bring some of her food with you to the vet so they can analyze it and tell you.

I think a good pet insurance plan is going to cover all of this so you can't get into a lot of trouble for going to the vet. Good luck.

Hi, I just went through something similar with my dog. My vet had no answers other than, as they sd, it was "too much liquid in his stomach". I ended up with severe gastritis, pancreatitis, an inflammation of the stomach. After a thorough analysis, the vet couldn't come up with any answers except it may be food related.

I took my dog back to the vet and had blood tests and a gastroscope. They showed severe gastritis and ulcers.

The vet sd my dog had to eat and I've noticed since he's been back on his food his condition has improved. The symptoms went away within about a week.

Here is a link to the Gastroenterology Society. This web site explns Gastritis and a link to how to treat it. It has a section on Gastroenteritis, that is Pancreatitis and Gastritis.

The vets have never been able to tell me what is causing his digestive problems. This is the site the I used when I was trying to figure out what was wrong. It is for Gastritis. The links below go to the Gastroenterology Society, and you can also click on the links for symptoms of Gastritis.

Also, I know your dog had diarrhea. Did they tell you if that had anything to do with the problem? If you have no idea what is causing the diarrhea, take your dog back to the vet and have them run some tests. They should have the ability to look at stool and be able to tell you what they think is causing it. This dog obviously had a very big problem because he's having them run more tests than your average dog.

I can't imagine my own dog having GI problems. I have three cats and one dog. All three cats have had heart problems and my dog is showing signs of aging, but we've never had any GI problems with any of them.

I can't help you too much as I've not had this problem. The vet has never been able to tell me what the problem is. He did run a test called a Urine Analysis to see if there was some kind of foreign object in the system, but they never showed anything.

It sounds like the vet is concerned and that you are too, so try to get the problem figured out.

If you haven't been through it, I highly recommend going to a vet with a lot of experience with this kind of problem. When your dog is showing you and the vet the way he is, it's time to seek some additional help.

This is just a warning, but I had the same problem

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